Monday, 2 February 2009

Laser Cut Samples

I based these laser cut samples around Italian architecture. I looked at the harsh, geometric buildings in Venice and compared them to the overgrown buildings in Verona.

The samples above and below are a section of the gate from the amphitheatre in Verona.
The image below was cut three times on different settings on the laser cutter and then I have placed then on top of each other creating depth.

These next two images is a repeat pattern inspired by a well in Venice. The above image is a paper sample, clear and crips. Whereas the one below is layered organza which has tangled and frayed beyond recognition.
The image below is a section of the top image in repeat on paper.

The same pattern on a larger scale in organic silk.

The last sample is a combination of foil printing with laser cutting over the top on crushed silk organza.

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